Wednesday 02/09

Wednesday 02/09

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Wednesday 02/09
  • 30 Minute Beginner Tone 3

    Join Pilar for a beginner Tone class! You'll get a full body workout that is great for all levels!

    Props needed: Mat and 1 lb wrist weights (optional)

  • 4 Minute Plyometric Cardio 1

    A quick burst of cardio to get the blood flowing! This is a series of simple plyometric exercises repeated multiple rounds. It's a great video to pair with others.

    No props needed, just sneakers.

  • The Everyday Stretch! - 14 Minute Foam Roller

    Release tight muscles with this foam rolling sequence! Break up myofascial tissue in your body with a foam roller to prevent injury or warm up. Beth takes you through her daily foam rolling ritual.

    Props needed: foam roller