Tuesday 1/18 Beginner

Tuesday 1/18 Beginner

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Tuesday 1/18 Beginner
  • Squats

    Learn how to do a squat correctly! Kayla takes you through the fundamentals of a proper squat so that you work the correct muscle groups!

  • Plank

    Learn the fundamentals of proper plank form with Kayla! Correct form activates the correct muscles which is invaluable to a workout.

    Props needed: mat

  • Crunches

    Learn breathe work and what you should actually be engaging when you do supine abdominal work! Kayla will take you through 360 breathing and deep core engagement to correctly do crunches. This is a great postpartum video!

    Props needed: mat

  • 10 Minute Low Impact Cardio

  • 4 Minute Supine Bridge Series

    Get a quick booty burn in with this single leg bridge series! Focusing on your glutes, hamstrings, and inner thighs.

    Props needed: soft ball (or firm pillow), mat

  • 8 Minute Standing Legs with Free Weghts

    This is a great stability and single leg strengthening series! Perfect to warm up for a run or just get a booty burn. It targets hamstrings and glutes with a little bit of biceps! Safe for prenatal and postpartum.

    Props needed: 3-5lbs free weights