Thursday 8/5

Thursday 8/5

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Thursday 8/5
  • Burpees

    Learn the favorite HIIT move of The Limit! A burpee! Beth takes you through a progression on how to correctly do a burpee. This will set you up great for all classes and HIIT videos!

  • 6 Minute Non-Impact Cardio

    Get your heart rate up without any impact! This is a quick cardio burst that will get your blood flowing!

    Props needed (but can still do without): 3-5 lbs free weights

  • 12 Minute Inner Thighs

    This is an inner thigh burn! Focusing on those adductors (upper inner thighs).

    Props needed: Pilates box (chair, couch, stairs, coffee table will do!), soft ball (firm pillow will do!), mat