Thursday 1/13 Beginner

Thursday 1/13 Beginner

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Thursday 1/13 Beginner
  • 11 Minute Non-Impact Cardio

    Get your heart rate up with your feet never leaving the ground! Using lights weights with non-impact movements is very effective!

    Props needed (but can still do without): 3-5 lbs free weights, wrist weights.

  • 12 Minute Wrist Weight Arms Extravaganza

    Join Beth for an extravaganza of wrist weight arms!
    Props: 1 pound wrist weights (but you'll still feel it if you do it without weights).

  • Tabletop

    Learn the correct form of a tabletop position! Beth will take you through the fundamental check points of a proper tabletop so you work the correct muscles!

    Props needed: mat

  • 9 Minute Tabletop Legs

    Beth takes you through a quick 9 minute lower body (full body, really) leg series.
    Props: 1 lb ankle weights (optional) and a mat.