Sunday 6/27

Sunday 6/27

26 Minute Advanced Dance Cardio 6 OR 21 Minute Tramp Cardio HIIT 2 AND 19 Minute Legs w/Band AND 14 Minute Shoulders

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Sunday 6/27
  • 26 Minute Advanced Dance Cardio 6

    Beth takes you through a high energy dance cardio class that will leave you feeling energized! No teaching, just dancing. Dances: Survivor, Just Can't Get Enough, 16 Shots, Ring the Alarm, Level Up, Bad Blood, Habits, and Salute! Dance it out!

  • 21 Minute Trampoline Cardio HIIT 2

    Join Pilar for this second Trampoline. Cardio. HIIT.
    Props: Light free weights (1-3 lbs)

  • 19 Minute Legs with Band

    A standing and mat-based leg workout using light resistance with a circle band! Starting with standing tube walking then moving to mat-based leg work in table top and side saddle.

    Props needed: Circle resistance band and mat

  • 14 Minute Shoulders

    Focusing on each side at a time, this is a great unilateral series that will burn your shoulders! It will also work your legs and core, challenging your stability.

    Props needed: 3-5lbs free weights