Tuesday 1/04 Beginner

Tuesday 1/04 Beginner

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Tuesday 1/04 Beginner
  • 3 Minute Beginner Plyometric Cardio

    This is a great introduction to plyometrics and HIIT! The exercises are show slower then done faster so you can work on correct form and speed.

    No props needed, just sneakers.

  • 4 Minute Beginner Plank

    A plank series with simple moves that teaches you (or refreshes you on) proper form. This is a great option to challenge people at any level.

  • 9 Minute Beginner HIIT

    Learn some basic HIIT moves at a slower pace! This is a great way to focus on form and gain strength to move forward to more advanced HIIT!

    Props needed: higher surface (chair, couch, bed, coffee table, counter, pilate box, etc)

  • 6 Minute Floor Stretch

    This is a quick body body stretch to do after a workout or on a day off! Anytime really! It will make your body feel good.

    Props needed: mat