Friday 1/21

Friday 1/21

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Friday 1/21
  • 30 Minute Full Body Workout (HIIT and Tone)

    Join Jasmine for this quick full body workout that will "HIIT" everything. All you need is a mat!

  • 14 Minute Arms

    A great all around arm workout targeting your shoulders, biceps, and triceps! Your arms will be worked and you'll feel strong and toned after!

    Props needed: 1lbs wrist weights (not required) and 3-5lbs free weights

  • 11 Minute Side Abs

    Work your deepest abdominal muscle (quadratus lumborum)! Beth takes you through side saddle and supine abdominal series that will fire up your core!

    Props needed : 1 lbs wrist weights (non required), mat