Thursday 7/15

Thursday 7/15

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Thursday 7/15
  • 38 Minute Low Impact Cardio Tone 2

    A true full body workout that is low impact! You'll do some low impact cardio, upper and lower body toning, and finish with a stretch.

    Props needed: 3-5lbs free weights, mat

  • Star Burpees

    Learn how to do a star burpee! Kayla will take you through the procession of how to do a star burpee and also give you alternate options for Cardio Tone class!

  • The Circuit

    Beth's favorite circuit of all time! You can do this cardio burst with or without props. This will spike your heart rate like nothing else!
    Props: Pilates or Step Box (optional), Jump Rope (optional), Trampoline (optional), 10 Lbs Medicine Ball (optional)