Sunday 8/8

Sunday 8/8

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Sunday 8/8
  • 30 Minutes Non-Weight Bearing Workout 1

    A great full body workout with zero weight on your lower body! This is a wonderful option for anyone but specifically people with knee, ankle, or foot injuries.

    Props needed (but can still do without): 3-5 lbs free weights, 1 lbs wrist weights, chair/box, mat.

  • 30 Minute Trampoline 1

    A rebounding full body workout with Pilar that gets your heart rate up and tones your muscles!

    Props needed: Trampoline, light weights (she uses 3 lbs) and a mat.

  • 12 Minute Abs (Transverse Abdominis)

    This is a side plank and supine abs series that will challenge you! Get ready to feel your obliques and transverse abdominis like no other!

    Props needed: mat

  • Star Burpees

    Learn how to do a star burpee! Kayla will take you through the procession of how to do a star burpee and also give you alternate options for Cardio Tone class!

  • Tuck Stars

    Learn how to do the HIIT move Tuck Stars! Kayla will take you through the progression of doing tuck stars and give you alternate options for our Cardio Tone classes!